3D Immersive Virtual Tours

3D Immersive Virtual Tours provide accurate, easy-to-use documentation that can serve as a single source of reference, from early contract decisions to claims processing.

For our visits, we use the Matterport Pro2 camera, professional resolution photography at 134 megapixels and 3D precision as well as the Matterport platform which allows our customers to view the captures at any time.

This platform helps reduce time spent in the field, rectify discrepancies in claims and save time.

Complete documentation for insurance and restoration professionals.

No need for hundreds of photos, measurements, repeated site visits and written reports with immersive 3D virtual tours. You can provide complete claims documentation from a single, indisputable source of reference.

  • Increase your turnover by offering the most accurate documentation.
  • Accelerate claims processing and resolve cases faster with more comprehensive documentation.
  • Reduce the number of claims from policyholders with a pre-intervention scan.

Accurate and updatable documentation throughout the insurance cycle.

Insure with the most comprehensive asset documentation and pre-loss risk management through the digital twin that enables you to practice more informed and accurate underwriting

  • Reduce the initial risks of insuring a building and eliminate the need for physical re-inspections.
  • Unbeatable documentation accuracy for higher quality assessments compared to outsourced inspection.
  • Add contract or claims notes directly in the 3D model.

Documentation for insurance experts admissible by the court of justice and which saves time.

The 3D data platform generates immersive virtual tours, schematic floor plans and other resources to save you time and ensure fair settlements.

Create court-admissible documentation with non-manipulable spaces.

  • Expertise remotely and reduce your travel time on site.
  • Reduce time spent on drawings by up to 70%.
  • Take the jury to the scene with immersive 3D virtual tours.
  • Improve negotiations for your clients with the most detailed documentation and contextual information possible.

Accurate claims documentation for home or business owners.

Landlords can document their home, business, or other property with Matterport’s comprehensive and truthful platform, expediting any potential claims.

  • Assemble a complete file of the condition of your property.
  • Make an accurate inventory of your personal items and other property in the dwelling or building.
  • Limit discrepancies and disputes with insurance companies.
  • Speed up the entire claims process, avoiding having to provide documents or receipts in some cases.