Preliminary insurance estimate

The purpose of the prior appraisal mission is to identify and accurately value existing assets in the context of building and/or equipment insurance. It is carried out by an Expert Evaluator.

The preliminary insurance estimate mission includes:

  • Verification of surfaces and evaluation of the costs of reconstructing identical buildings.
  • Description and evaluation of real estate developments.
  • Inventory and evaluation of equipment and furniture.

The preliminary insurance estimate mission excludes:

  • Information media such as molds & tools, models, drawings, templates, archives, software and computer files.
  • Motor vehicles subject to compulsory insurance.
  • The property & effects of staff or visitors or people staying.
  • Goods, including supplies, spare parts, fuels, packaging, packaging, consumables, etc.
  • Field

What are the advantages of the pre-insurance estimate mission?

The mission prevents the insured from:

  • the mission saves him from paying an unsuitable insurance price;
  • it prevents him from being insufficiently guaranteed on the day of the claim;
  • it avoids him being subjected to the application of financial sanctions according to the proportional rule of capital.

Prior expertise allows:

  • to have a detailed presentation of the assets to be ensured such as the construction principles, the surfaces of footprints & developed, the distribution and breakdown of capital;
  • to know the value of reconstruction or replacement with new or dilapidated deducted, with a reliability recognized by the insurers;
  • to benefit from an exemption with regard to the proportional capital rule and to obtain a discount on the rate applicable to property damage cover.

The preliminary estimate in insurance value is valid for five years.

The preliminary expertise is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the CNPP 6109 reference system.