Valuation of assets

Real estate valuation

Our expert appraisers intervene to determine any type of value according to the rights and real estate concerned:

  • Market value.
  • Value in continued use.
  • Rental value.
  • Right to lease, building lease.
  • Bare ownership and usufruct.
  • Value of rights to build on land.

These different assessments will be used to:

  • Sell or acquire real estate (business, activity, housing, etc.).
  • Obtain financing.
  • Transmit a heritage or a business.
  • Create a Civil Real Estate Company.
  • Justify a value to the local administration.
  • Complete a mission of Statutory Auditor.
  • Prepare a property dismemberment.
  • Negotiate the transfer of a building plot.

Valuation of production equipment

Market value.
Value in continued use.

We offer you a whole range of services for estimating the economic value of use of tangible assets, taking into account:

  • Obsolescence and technological evolution.
  • The probable technical lifetime and the intensity of use.
  • The quality and state of maintenance of the assets and their environment.
  • The reference economic activity.
  • The profitability of the branch of activity on which it depends.

Based on the assessment of the replacement value of an installation, we determine the Continuing Use Value corresponding to the sum that an investor would agree to pay to become the owner of the assets concerned, taking into account the usefulness they present for the continuation of the company’s activity.

This economic view of the value of industrial heritage is a valuable decision-making aid for:

  • A contribution of assets.
  • A balance sheet revaluation operation.
  • The implementation of cost accounting (technical depreciation, cost price calculation, etc.).